GW Beer List

Last updated on October 20, 2014*

Cask Conditioned Ales

Properly cellared, conditioned, and then served at cellar temperature (52°). Hand pulled from our four English beer engines.

 The Black Watch Oat Stout
Full bodied stout brewed with shelled malted oats and roasted barley. Coffee, chocolate, caramel and nutty flavors abound. Enjoy whilst guarding the royal jewels.
O.G. 15P, 45 IBU'S, 5.8% ABV
 St. Andrew's Cross Scotch Ale
This strong Scotch Ale has a dark copper color and rich caramelized maltiness with just a hint of smoke and earthy hop notes. The crux descussata has been a symbol of Scotland since the eighth century after it appeared in the sky to an army of Picts and Scots.
O.G. 16.9P, 18 IBU, 8.1% ABV
 Early Season Bear
E.S.B.'s are rich and full bodied English-style ales with a medium to strong hop bitterness and flavor. The mix of hops and malt sweetness really stands out at our cellar temperature. Brewed in honor of a certain brewer's over-packed deep freezer.
O.G. 14.3P, 35 IBU's, 6.5% ABV
 Stepchild Red Ale
This red ale has medium body and a lot of malt sweetness. Look for caramel and chocolate notes. We added a nice dose of mild American hops to round out the flavor.
O.G. 13.3P, 30 IBU's, 5.7% ABV

We are also having some fun with our seasonal brews and with some of our regular offerings. We will be dry hopping, oak aging, tea bagging, and uff-duffing different beers, then tapping when ready. Each is casked in only two or three firkins, so 5-7 days is the average run. Yes, our cask beer is very popular with our friends, always fresh, CAMRA compliant, and seriously looked after in our 52 degree cellar.

Pushed Beer

Pushed with CO2, served at 38°F from our properly maintained draft tower.

 Saint Peter Pale Ale
Medium bodied amber ale, with a pleasant balance of malt and hop varieties. Our pale ale has been a favorite choice since 1997.
O.G. 14P, 50 IBU'S, 5.5% ABV
 Timator Doppelbock
This beer style is a true liquid bread developed by Franciscan monks to sustain themselves during fasts. It is a rich malty and warming brew. When our new brewer started, he said he was tired of drinking German lagers after his time going to school there; too bad this was his first assignment.
O.G. 20P, 15 IBU's, 9.2% ABV

GW Drinks

Great Waters offers a wide range of quality drinks. Our award winning beers are brewed on-site using the highest quality malt, hops, yeast and water from our very own well. If you need help deciding which one to order, try them all with our beer sample flight.

If beer isn't your preference, we have a full bar with a range of single-malt scotch and other quality spirits. Wine is available by the glass or by the bottle.


Growlers Available

 Saint Peter Pale Ale
O.G. 14P, 50 IBU'S, 5.5% ABV
 Timator Doppelbock
O.G. 20P, 15 IBU's, 9.2% ABV


"Growlers" are 64oz bottles of fresh Great Waters beer which can be purchased for offsite enjoyment.

Growler Hours:
M-Th 11am-8pm
Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

NOTE: Purchased growlers must be offsite by the end of sales hours

* Beers & growlers change regularly. We keep our list as up-to-date as possible, however please call if you need to verify a certain beer is available.